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Installation Details
Girard products may only be installed by a registered gas installer (Registered with the South African qualification and certification committee) (SAQCC). The Appliance must be installed according to the SANS 10087-1 requirements for the use with LPG and NG. Installation must comply with any fire department regulations and/or bylaws applicable to your area. Always check with the relevant authority when in doubt before undertaking the installation.
Upon completion of installation it is required for the installer to fully explain and demonstrate the product to the user. It is important that the user of the product understands the operation details and safety practices applicable to the appliance as well as the installation process that was completed.
Girard is fully licensed and authorized to install this product, we understand how this product operates. When in doubt let us fit the product for you in your unit or vehicle.
Girard Geyser Fittings:
We Manufacture and Supply 2&3 way sockets as well as hose tail fittings.

Important information:
· The valve is a safety component and must never be removed for any reason other than    
· Freezing of the water heater and its plumbing components will result in severe damage not   
   covered by warranty. (Please take the necessary actions as per operation manual to prevent  
· This product comes with a 1 year limited warranty (Terms and conditions apply -are outlined in
   the operation manual)

·  the product in an area where the inlet air, vent and inlet vent can be covered when a Door or  
    access panel of the vehicle/unit is opened.
·  the water heater or any other appliance where it can vent into an area covered by an awning, 
    canopy or any other enclosure.
·  Install where the flue vent is closer than 300mm in all directions from any window opening into
    the unit.

Select a suitable location when installing the product.The appliance can be installed under the vehicle’s/unit’s roll out/retractable type awning provided the awning does not have enclosure such as a screen room and or some type of “walled enclosure”.
Girard products are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to provide years of trouble free use. But in the event you require service please remember to do so only by a registered and approved technician. 

Remember… that as the owner you are required to provide proof of purchase date through bill of sales or other appropriate record.
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