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The Only Solution to your  endless hotwater needs!

The Girard Products’ New GSWH-1 Tankless Water Heater incorporates a power blower that forces the combustion air through the heat exchanger (Induced draft). This patented pending technology results in a unit capable of providing:

• Higher Combustion Efficiency than atmospheric heaters
• Heat Transfer Efficiencies in excess of 90%
• Higher Wind Resistance Performance
• No Adjustments necessary at High Altitudes
• High Burner Power in a small footprint
• Quieter Performance
• Fits in Standard Hansen geyser cut out Cavities

It’s the Flow that Makes it Go!
The GSWH-1 Tankless Water Heater Operation is literally based on the flow of water and the setting of the GMC Dial. That is to say, that the temperature of the hot water coming out of the hot water faucet is determined by the hot water flow; the faster the flow, the cooler the water; the slower the flow, the hotter the water. 
By adjusting the flow and/or adjusting the GMC Dial, RV’ers can have endless hot water! It’s Green!

The Girard Tankless RV Water Heater uses up to 60% less LP Gas than storage tank model water heaters since the GSWH-1 only uses energy when hot water is demanded. There is no pilot light to burn even if no hot water is needed. A storage water heater loses heat just sitting there. Even insulated tanks lose heat that goes right out the flue. The NEW adjustable Dial feature makes sure that less gas is used if the temperature of the incoming cold water is relatively warm. It doesn’t take as much energy to heat warm water. The GSWH-1 is lightweight and since there is no storage tank that could weigh as much as 100 lbs, less fuel is used to tow or carry it.

Using The Girard GSWH-1M Insures:
• Instant Hot Water       
 Unlimited Hot Water
• No Recovery Time
• No Old Fashion Storage Tank
• Energy Efficient
• Environmentally Friendly 

Girard Tankless RV Water Heater Features:
•  Instant/Endless Hot Water – An unlimited supply of hot water when you  need it.
•  No Recovery Time – There is no tank to run out of hot water so you can  shower all day if you want.
•  Energy Efficient – Uses 60% less LP Gas than Storage Tank Model Water Heaters.
•  Temperature Rise – 20° to 70° depending on the GMC Dial setting and the water flow.
•  Induced Draft – Improves combustion, and efficiency. Not affected by high altitudes.
•  Adjustable BTU Burner - For improved efficiency, you can adjust the burner from a Hi-Flame (36,000 BTUs) all the way to a Low Flame (18,000 BTUs)         
   depending on the incoming water temperature.
•  Lightweight – Over 65% lighter (50 – 100 lbs. less) than conventional tank model water heaters.
•  State of the Art Electronic Ignition – No pilot lights or manual burners to keep lighting or adjusting.
•  Compact – Fits into any existing water heater cut-out opening! Overall dimensions are 12.5” X 12.5” X 15.5”.
•  No Anode Needed – No tank means you never have to worry about corrosion eating away at the tank.
•  No By-Pass Valve Needed – No storage tank to by-pass when winterizing the unit.
•  CSA Approved
•  Two-Year Warranty
• a Flow rate of 420L per hour (7 litres per minute)

Water is hot as it leaves the heat exchanger but standing water in the lines must be voided before hot water is felt at the tap.

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